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We are a leading provider of co-location and hosting servicesin the area. The largest media (Internet portals and television broadcasters), telecom carriers and financial institutions benefit from our branded telecommunications services.

Co-location services for carriers are provided in our Data Center and Telecenter as well as in backbone and access nodes of the network.

Fully dedicated co-location space

Our offer for telecommunications carriers includes state-of-the-art technical space, with primary and backup power supplies supported by UPS, AC, physical security, IT security, fire protection, and monitoring and maintenance around the clock.

The following services are provided:

  • co-location of 19" rack servers
    Space in a colocated rack, in multiples of 1U (the price per 1U includes rack space, electric power, HVAC, and physical security)
  • co-location of an IT/communications rack
    You have the entire collocation rack at your disposal (the price includes the rack, electric power, HVAC, and physical security)
  • Dedicated locked box
    A special offer for customers, whose security policy requires that their data processing systems are physically separated from the environment - in such case, the space occupied by the racks used by you in the server room is additionally surrounded with a metal closed box
  • Dedicated server space in a separate room
    If you require total separation of the technical space, you may use a dedicated server room, optionally with separate monitoring, physical security, fire protection, and power supply systems
  • Cluster of server rooms
    The highest reliability and security may be assured by simultaneous usage of the backup data center located 15 km from the primary data center which is far enough to guarantee the secutiry and close enough to set up any required line. Any applied performance model (backup, replication, parallel processing, cluster) may be realized.

We provide the space to expand your business

Our telecenter is committed to ensure future expandability to our customers. Key elements of the technical infrastructure, i.e. co-location area, power supply, air conditioning and external fiber-optic lines are designed to meet current and future needs of the rapidly growing telecommunications and Internet market.

Telecommunications Neutrality

Offering possibility to connect to more than 200 telecom carriers (international, domestic and local) we apply the same terms and prices for all customers and providers. A fiber-optic ring connecting our co-location center with key telecommunications nodes is the solutions that guarantees the neutrality of this service.

Unrivaled co-location Facility

Our telecenter stands out among other popular co-location centers and does not suffer limitations typically encountered at facilities located in buildings originally designed for other then telecommunications purposes (such as office buildings):

  • 3700 sq m of technical space
  • 2x8 MW of guaranteed power supply
  • Acceptable ceiling loads exceeding 1 ton per sq m
  • Max. 1,500 kg per sq m, max. rack weight: 2,500 kg
  • Excellent telecommunications capabilities
  • Full technical equipment

None of the presently existing co-location center possesses such a set of distinguishing features. It is also a convenient location close to other telecommunications nodes and many business centers, with carrier and provider neutrality guaranteed. Our services are the best foundation for planning many years of business growth and development.

Stand by System

For the first time we offer possibility to reserve co-location space for those customers who plan to organize their primary or backup data center. The new modules of collocation space are continually being launched for customers availability.

The key benefits from space reservation include guarantee of availability at a selected time, price and capability to tailor the project to customer's demands. For customers anticipating their growing needs for co-location space in the future, we offer the ability to reserve empty rooms (on stand-by), ready for installing technical equipment, with capital expenditures deferred until actual operation.

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We offer a wide range of Managed Network Services for voice, data, Internet and video that leverage our global transmission capacity and our network of data center, content management and switching facilities to maximize the uptime of your network, we also offer Support Services including network monitoring, help desk, installation and field service.


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